On January 31st, 2020, the Notifier for Outlook application will be shut down. All data collection from this app will cease and all historic data will be deleted. If you would like to remove the app from your mailbox, instructions for uninstalling the app can be found in the instructions section here. We thank you for using Notifier!

Inbox notifications for Microsoft Outlook

A free Chrome extension to help you monitor your email.

web browser

Works with:

Outlook & Live.com

Office 365



How it works


Install extension


Connect your email


Receive notifications

Notifier will keep an eye on your inbox to give you a count of unread messages. The Notifier icon will appear at the top right corner of your browser in order to display your unread count.

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What people are saying

This extension is great, quick to alert when a new email is in. Most useful extension that I have.

— Anna B.

Works perfectly, great app!
Thank you!

— Jordan D.

I love the subtle notification, and the fact that I can click the icon and get to my inbox super fast.

— Scott B.

what people say

About us

Notifier for Outlook is proudly built with the Outlook API in conjunction with the Context.IO platform. Our team is dedicated to helping people easily manage their email. Check out out other apps below:

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We're always listening to our community and constantly improving Notifier, so let us know what features you think we should build into the next version!

Push notifications

Select a shortlist of favorite people you receive email from to begin receiving push notifications in the top-right corner of your screen any time those favorites sends you an email.

Do not disturb

Hit a do-not-disturb button to stop receiving individual email push notifications. Hit the do-not-disturb button again to toggle notifications back on.

Snooze a notification

Hit a snooze button on an individual email's push notification to be reminded later about that message. Choose from a provided list of delay times until you want that notification to pop-up again.